Friday, 15 November 2013

My bracing process - Part 1

Hey guys, so recently I've been asked a lot on my about my braces. Therefore, I've decided to dedicate a blog post for this. I have had my braces on since August last year and I'll be taking them out this coming Monday. It was initially a 2 year process but it sped up a lot due to my consistency and dedication to my braces. 

Throughout this blog post, I will be answering questions some of you might have, or worry about, before putting on your braces. I will try to answer them to the best of my ability, but do bear in mind that this is based on what I experience and this may or may not be the same for you. 

1. Did it hurt on the first day?
The process of the bracing itself did not hurt much. However, the ache or soreness would only come 30 mins after you're done. You would probably feel a pulling sensation throughout your entire mouth. I was rather annoyed at that feeling and this caused my mood to sway a little as well. Hence, I suggest eating something cold like Ice-cream or Frozen Yogurt to sooth the ache. In addition, chewing might also be another problem you might encounter. As such, I suggest eating porridge for a few days until you're feeling more comfortable to chew.  

2. How often do you go back? What do you do? 
I go back every 3 weeks as my dentist requires that of me. However, an appointment should most probably be require every month. Whenever I go back, a tightening of my braces would be necessary. They would sometimes add power-chains or thicken the wire itself. All these however has to depend on your own individual case. Your dentist would brief or update you at every visit so you don't really have to worry about that. We also get to change up the color whenever we visit and I like to do it according to festivals or events I have that month. Christmas for example would be Red and Green braces. 

3. What are the rubber bands for? How does it feel like? How long do I have to wear it? 
The rubber bands you might have seen some of your friends wear are not for fun. Their purpose is to actually speed up the bracing process by adding an additional pulling force. If you have seen my photos, I am sure you would have noticed those rubber bands before as well. In my case, I had to wear them because I was correcting the center line of my upper and lower teeth to line them into place. The dentist would again brief you on how to wear it so not an issue. This process also depends on your individual case.

The first 4 days of wearing the rubber bands would be pretty uncomfortable. You would experience a similar feeling of ache I talked about when you just had your braces on. However, the good thing is, this ache would go away faster than when you first got your braces. You would feel a pull in your gum and teeth due to the tension of the rubber bands. Nonetheless, the ache would fade off when your mouth gets condition to the pulling. 

The duration of how long you will have to wear the bands, yet again, has to depend on you case. Hence, I cannot really give you an exact time frame as to how long you would have to wear it. Your dentist would update you on this whenever you visit. 

Tip: Wearing the rubber bands diligently would speed up your bracing process by a lot. Hence, even though it may feel uncomfortable, don't cheat on yourself and skip days of wearing the bands. If you do that, you would only put yourself in a negative position, slowing down your process. And just like they always say, "It's painful to be pretty"

I hope this helped some of you guys but till my next blog post, take care. 




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