Sunday, 10 November 2013

The O Levels.

E X A M I N A T I O N 

Hey guys, I thought I would just do a short summary or reflection of my O's and how I've been coping thus far. So as most of you know, my O's started on 17th October with practical as my first paper. Initially, I was rather fearful and I actually broke down a day before the practical paper due my anxieties. It feels pretty stupid thinking about it now but there and then, it felt like I was walking into death. 

The subsequent papers were fairly alright but to be honestly, Emath was really unexpected. It's just a little hard to belief that construction and map scale did not come out. I was shocked when I flipped through the pages. Nontheless, I am praying hard that I can at least get an A2 for my Emaths.

As for the rest..... Amath was normal. 
Science was crap
And Humanities was surprising fun. 

I'm am quite excited for my results but, I really hope I don't disappoint :(  

On the whole, I think this O Level experience did make me stronger in terms of will power and determination. On top of that, it also made me see who my real friends were. They were the people that genuinely cared, looked after and constantly checked in on me. The bond I have now with these friends are really strong. It ins't something that can be easily broken. I am truly thankful that I have people like that in my life right now. I feel that having them alone is enough. Sorry for being cheesy but I just had to say this for they play a significant role in my current life. 

My O's are ending tomorrow at 9am and that marks the start of a new journey I'll be taking in life. I'm not sure what is to come but I know I will definitely not leave you guys out of it. I'll be updating more regularly and do look forward to many exciting post to come :D

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