Wednesday, 18 December 2013

To-gather Cafe

Since our dinner plan didn't go through yesterday, due to an emergency, Steve and I decided to check out a new cafe around his area to satisfy our stomachs instead. To-gather Cafe, located in Tenah Merah, was the name of our destination. The warm looking cafe, along with its Christmas decorations, gave off a really sweet and romantic ambience just perfect for the season. 

Apart from the flats and roads surrounding the cafe, the unique concept of the interior design made it feel so unlike Singapore. As if I were overseas. From the beautiful quotes written on the walls, to the classic Christmas Carols being played in the background, the entire cafe was lit up with life and spirit. The Western menu, with choices ranging from Pasta, Fish and Chips' & Sandwiches are all at an affordable price. Steve ordered a Mushroom Cream Pasta for $7++, while I ordered a Meatball Pasta (picture below) at $8.90. In addition, both hot and iced coffee price ranging from $3.50 - $4.90, are available for you as well.

 In terms of service, I would give this cafe an 8/10 and food wise an 8/10 as well. My experience dinning at this cafe was a fairly good one and I would definitely love to dine there again. All in all, it was a good night well spent.

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