Thursday, 2 January 2014

Day 1 of 365

Happy New Year Everyone :D 

I hope your year has been great so far. As for me, my countdown moment was spent with the love of my life, and well of course, with a New Year's kiss. Both of us and Zampage each booked a room at Traders hotel, but though the room was rather small, it was cosy enough for all of us to feel the love and New Year's spirit. As usual, we drank and people got drunk. Nonetheless, it was a good night well spent. 

The next morning Steve and I had the complimentary buffet breakfast that came along with the package of our room. After breakfast, we then headed back to our room to pack and prepare to check out. 

Now, here are some photos to fill in all the gaps of how I spent the rest of my 1st of January. 

Here's to our 1st year together. Thank you for always making our moments so special. 

To the girls in my life, thank you for always being there for me. I know I hardly meet up with you guys but, I really love and treasure all of you so much. Even though we've only know each other for a year, you girls have always been there whenever I needed someone. You girls never fail to bring a smile to my face <3

Kayden - Thank you for always  being a listening ear to me when my life was going crazy.

Amanda - It was nice meeting you. I am looking forward to partying and seeing you more often.

Katherine - Thank you for always being my sweet close sister that I know I can trust.

Amanda - Thank you for being so positive whenever I'm negative about everything around me.

Jaz - I don't know you well but I do hope I can get to know you better in time to come. 

Shantay - Thank you for always making me laugh because of your blonde-ness. 

Val May - Thank you for being my amazing sexy babe, we really need to party together soon. 

Marina Barrage with Tran the family 

It was a sweet experience to see an entire family on an outing together. Being the only child, this isn't something I can do as and when I like. I've never been annoyed by a younger sibling, or played nanny when my parents couldn't be home. I guess some people might call me lucky but to those who know how I feel, I'm sure just like me, you wished you had a sibling too.

Some day love, you and I will too have a family of our own. 


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