Thursday, 9 January 2014

Dinner, Ice-cream, & Photos

Hello everyone, so after a long tiring day at work, I finally found the time to catch up with my good buddy, and close friend, Westly. I met him at Starbucks at about 5pm and we chilled out a little with Marcus and George before getting dinner 

Dinner was at Long House as Westley and I decided to have our dinner there to savor the last moments of the place before it was too late. If you don't have any clue on what I'm talking about, it was reported in the papers that Long house was bought over and would be demolished in months. Hence, we headed there for dinner as Westley has been madly in love with the Duck Rice ever since he was a kid. 

T I M E     T O     G E T     F A T 

After dinner, Westley and I checked out an Ice-cream cafe I've always wanted to visit. - Neli's ice cream -

Neli's ice cream cafe revolves around a "Travel the world" theme. As such, the interior design had many iconic places from all over the globe. The Statue Of Liberty for example. Do enjoy more photos of the design of the cafe below :D 

(Click to enlarge the smaller pictures) 

I ordered the Butterscotch Nuts flavor at $4.00 (single scoop). According to the girls, it was the best selling flavor at the cafe. After taking a scoop, I couldn't agree more. Compared to some butterscotch flavored Ice cream I've tried, I really liked the balance of Whisky they had. In my opinion, it wasn't too overwhelming. I would give this cafe a 8/10 for now. However, I would definitely be going back real soon to try out their Waffles and drinks when I have the time. I would do another blog post on that, so no worries! 
I really enjoyed myself today.


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