Friday, 10 January 2014

Gym motivation


This question has been asked quite a number of times on my Hence, I finally decided that it was time to do an in-dept blog post about what started me working out, and how I stay motivated.

1.    P E O P L E 

I first started working out in October 2012. As I was going for prom that year, it suddenly struck me that I really had to do something about my body if I wanted to look good. As such, I talked to Steve about it (we were still dating then) and he asked me out for our very first workout session. At that time, I was really weak and my stamina or endurance was pathetic as hell. However, he then sent me a workout schedule via e-mail for me to follow. I'm not going to lie but, I haven't actually touched any of the workout exercise he gave to me due to my busy work schedule then.

Ps: If you're reading this my love, I'm sorry :( Don't hate me for this. 

Nonetheless, I did in-cooperate some of the exercise he taught me that day into my workout routine. I tried my very best to have a mini workout sessions, 4 times a week. It isn't anything fantastic but it all started with 40 crunches, 30 leg raises & 30 Jack Knife. That alone was already very hard to keep up, but I had to as prom was on the 28 of November the next month. And so, I keep pushing on and when prom finally came, I got my first very few compliments about my body I didn't have in a very long time.

A few of my friends noticed the change and they said things like... 

"Omg Kim, you're so skinny now"  


"Damn, did you lose weight?"

At that time, I couldn't really tell I actually got slimmer. But after those comments, I was even more motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I'm now going to fast forward to the time when I first started going to an actual gym as the middle process ain't that interest either.

 Anyway, I can't really remember when I first stepped into a gym but I know I started off with the gym at Bishan Stadium. Subsequently, after the gym at the Bishan community center was opened, I hopped over there to take a look. Not long later, I met new friends that loved to gym as well and therefore, going to the gym was now even more exciting. As I got more and more familiar, I started trying the machines I've never tried and started forming workout routines of my own. At the same time, I discovered blogilates on Youtube, and that kicked off the start of me working out at home. 

2.    S O C I A L     M E D I A 

To be consistent, reminders would definitely be needed. As such, I follow many fitness accounts on Twitter that constantly remind me of how important is it to have a good body. They not only tweet motivational quotes but also post photos of FIT girls that achieved their goal after hard work. Hence, all these little things add up to what keeps me going daily. 

Here are screenshots of two of my favorite accounts. Do follow them! 

3.    F O O D 

Recently, my interest for food or cooking started growing. As such, since I am now very conscious of what I put into my mouth, It is very important I read up more about food. In addition, looking up healthy recipes to try out is also something I adore doing. My favorite reference would be either from "Shape Magazine" or blogilates's "Cheap Clean Eat" series.

Shape Magazine Website:
Blogilates Website:

I will be trying out some of the dishes there, but not to worry, you guys would not miss out as I would either be blogging/vlogging my process and end result. This would all go under the food & fitness section of my blog. If you have any dishes or recommendations, do feel free to leave it in the comment box below :D

4.   L O O K I N G     H O T 

Lastly, I am doing it for the body. After all, don't we all want to look good and sexy in a bikini? Or any clothes we throw on for that matter? I'm sure we do. As such, I would constantly push myself in the gym to keep on going to achieve my goal body. I don't need to have the smallest legs or waist. In fact, being skinny isn't sexy, fit is. Hence, my aim isn't to be skinny My aim in the gym is to have a fit and curvy body. I am slowly learning how to embrace what I have and work with it. 

I am going to admit that I have a big butt. However, instead of taking it negatively, I am finally accepting my body for the way it is and doing the best I can to make it better. This has made working out so much more relaxing as I wouldn't constantly feel crappy about how disgusting my blog is. As such, no matter what body type you are, love your body first. Don't go on hating on who you are. Learn to accept you for you, and then work on the things that you feel can be better.

I am going to do an updated workout routine of my arms, abs, legs & circuit training as of 2014 real soon. The post should be up either by this month, or latest after Chinese New Year. Nonetheless, do feel free to read up some of my old workout routines I already have on my blog. In addition, I would do a blog post on the wrong ways to lose weight and how to embrace and love yourself (self confidence). However, all these would be up at a later date. Probably in end Feb or the first week of March the latest. 

I really do hope this post motivated you, regardless big or small. If you have any questions, do post them to my - - and I will answer you there. 


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