Thursday, 30 January 2014

Old School Delights

Missing your childhood days? 

Old School Delights is a warm eatery located at 215m Upper Thomson Road, that will take you down memory lane, recreating all your favorite childhood moments, and bringing you back to the good old days when all was carefree. 

The detailed interior of the cafe was probably one the few cafes that brought back much memorize of my childhood. From the toys I used to own, to the favorite snacks I loved, everything was just so same old. However, it felt different.

And maybe it felt different because...because I'm not a kid anymore....

The walls were drawn, or should I say vandalized, with chalk, while the Menu were scribbled with words. Everything you experienced in school, in that moment, just came back alive. Maybe missing school wouldn't have such a great impact on me now as I just graduated, but I'm sure adults that had been to school would feel a sense of nostalgia when they step in.

At your table, a white board in which you would be required to write your orders would be presented to you. Even though it got a little annoying when I accidentally rubbed off my orders, it was definitely something worth experiencing all over again. At that point in time, I realized how much I actually missed Primary School even though I hated how young I was then.

As for food, I ordered the recommended Mee Siam for $5.80 and I got to say, it was kinda good. It wasn't too small a portion and in my opinion, it was a lunch worth it's money. I would be going back real soon with Steve and the next time I go there, I can't wait to try the Fish & Chips or something more towards the snacks and cakes of the eatery.

As for the rest of my cafe experience, I'll leave the talking to the photos.


 Tell me I'm not the only one in love with the "Colorful Biscuits".

A candid photo of Kelly and I taking our orders. 

" All grown ups were once children... 
but only a few of them remember it. " - The little Prince 


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