Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Awfully Chocolate: Butterscotch Latte

 Two days back, Kelly and I were chilling in Awfully Chocolate for an afternoon Coffee/Tea. 
Wanting to try something different, I ordered the Butterscotch Latte - $6.00 - to give it a shot. 

The Latte Art was really pretty, that I have to admit. Nonetheless, the Butterscotch Latte was too sweet for me.  
I could feel the thick syrup while I was drinking and to me, that made me feel rather unhealthy. I've never tired Butterscotch Latte before and as such, it could either just be me not being used to the taste or it was indeed too sweet. 
I'm not sure which is which, do let me know.

So therefore, I am definitely looking forward to trying other Butterscotch Lattes at Cafes to have a
 taste of how others would make it. I sincerely hope it would turn out better. 

But despite all of that, I am still very much in love with the cakes at Awfully Chocolate. Hence, this would still be a place 
I would recommend going if you would like to add some Chocolate to your diet. Don't buy cheap chocolate at 7-11, 
there's completely no richness in that. #JustSaying 



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