Thursday, 20 February 2014

Food Review: Little Diner

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Founded by four friends, the concept of Little Diner was very much inspired by New York City's Lower East Side. With a 4.7m tall wine rack that holds an impressive 950 bottles of wine collection, Little Diner hopes to be a social spot where friends can come and gather for a simple night out over some food and drinks. 


Ordering from the Daily Specials, I pampered myself with a plate of Roast Beef Sammie - $18.50++
Toasted in Ciabatta Bread, the Hand Carved Roasted Prime Rip, topped with Swiss Cheese & Carmelized Onions melted so perfectly in my mouth, making me crave for more. In addition, the generous amount of meat served was definitely enough to satisfy and fill my hungry stomach. Overall, I would rate the food I ordered a 8/10 for taste, and a 4/5 for Price VS Food Quality. Not that bad of a deal after all. 

* Ciabatta Bread - Italian White Bread made from Wheat Flour & Yeast. 


Location: Seven. Eight. Nine Bukit Timah Road 
Singapore 269763

Call: +65 6466 4088

Facebook Page:


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