Thursday, 27 February 2014

Gift Idea: Handmade Canvas Quote/Drawing

Hey guys, so before I start this post, here's confession time........ I'm sure you all know that Steve and I both share the same birthday. However, I didn't really manage to get him a present last month. Therefore, I'm probably the worst girlfriend ever but nonetheless, here's what I made for him as his really belated present. 

Dear, if you're reading this, I am so sorry. 
I know I don't have any excuse but just know that I still love you very much. 

To start, here's the quote that I picked out to write on my canvas. Steve loves the army, so I thought that this would be of more meaning to him than some cheesy love quote. Hence, if you're thinking of doing this for someone, pick something that they hold very closely to their heart. That way, you wouldn't need to worry if they would like it or not. 
Chances are, they would definitely.

Things you need: 
Canvas - Artfriend 
Acrylic Paint - Artfriend 
Paint Brush 
A Cup Of Water 

Step 1: Paint the base of your Canvas 

Step 2: Write the quote 
As my canvas was really small, I had to ensure that there would be enough space for the entire quote. As such, I decided to use a dried up nail-art pen I owned to aid me in my writing. Similar to what I did above, I squeezed out a small amount on paint on my palette. Next, I dipped the tip of the nail-art pen it into the paint and started writing. The whole process would take awhile (depending on the length of your quote) as not much paint would actually be absorbed upon every dip. 
Hence, do this it bit by bit with patience and caution.  

Step 3: Leave it to dry 

And once it dries, your gift is completed :D 

In my opinion, a handmade gift like this means so much more than a gift that you can buy off the shelves. Therefore, the next time you want to buy something for your love, take some time to consider making a git instead. Nonetheless, I hope this gave you some inspiration on what you can do or give to that someone special of yours.


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