Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Jealous VS Insecurity

I've been thinking about the two words - Jealously & Insecurity - a lot recently and I've figured that there is actually a difference. Many people associate them together but after some deep thought, they are actually different. I don't know if I'm just being completely stupid by saying this, or does this actually make some sense. Nonetheless, here's what I feel about these two so similar, yet so different words. 

 Jealously is a feeling of envy. A feeling you feel when someone has something you want. Insecurity however, is a lack of confidence in yourself.

Eg. Lets say you wanted the newest model of a camera, and you somehow found out that your good friend got it before you. Being someone that likes photography, feeling a little jealous is definitely inevitable. However, that wouldn't exactly make you feel insecure about your camera per say. You would only start to feel insecure when you let all the emotions get into you and convince yourself that your camera ain't good. As such, insecurities would only come in when you're not confident about what you have. In this case, you can be jealous that your friend has a better camera, but as long as you know you take good photos, you wouldn't be insecure.

Am I making sense? 
I really hope I am. 

I know some of you might be wondering "Why so random?" or "Lol, you're so lame". In my defence however, I do have my reasons for feeling this way about these two words. As a girl, I can feel jealous over the smallest of things. Due to this, I've really started questioning my self confidence? I don't know how to explain it but I've asked myself questions like...

 "Why am I feeling this way?"
 "Am I jealous?"
 "Or am I insecure?" 

It was then only when I realized that insecurity and jealously ain't the same. I've figured that I can feel jealous without feeling crappy about myself. Thus, the point of this whole post was simply just to share my views on what I think about these two words. So, if anyone calls you insecure for whatever reason, you will still make sense if you tell them that you're just jealous and not insecure. And yes, I should probably stop because I'll be rambling on and on but, there you have it, the weirdness of Kimberley Yong in the morning for you to embrace :D 



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