Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sea Games Launch Party

Singapore will be the host for the upcoming 28th SEA Games and 8th Para Games in 2015. As such, Singapore celebrated this honorable event with a launch party at Gardens By The Bay last night -15th February 2014. This event marked the start of an amazing journey from now, till the opening of the games. Singapore is indeed very proud to be able to host the games once again after the last time in 1993.

Everyone at the event last night was a part of history. However, if you didn't make it, fear not. Here's a post to "re-live" the history of last night, taking you through the wonderful performances by all the guest artist that appeared last night.


First up, Artist " Chen Wei Lian - 陈伟联 " sung a song about hope. A song about how one should not give up just because of difficult or circumstances faced. Being visually impaired, the journey for Wei Lian was surly a tough one. Nonetheless, despite all odds, artist Chen proved to everyone how far just a dream can take him. This was also a message to the athletes of Singapore reminding them that nothing is impossible. 

 Blogger, Eunice Annabel, was also down at the event showing her love and support for the country. 

 We also got a photo with Nila, the mascot for the 28th SEA Games as well as the 8th ASEAN Para Games. Nila was first introduced as the mascot of Singapore two years back in 2012. This year, 2014, Nila is coming back, fitter, stronger and ever ready to support Team Singapore! 

The Great Spy Experiment

With Indie, Rock & Dance all put in one, The Great Spy Experiment brought us a heart warming performance with their passionate love for music. The band released their first album "Flower Show Riots" in 2007 and performed in internally renowened events such as the Baybeats, One Movement, Singfest, Zoukout & many more.

Check them out at their official webpage -

Charlie Lim

The talented Charlie Lim graced the stage with a couple of songs. His strong vocals, that added to his charm, gained the recognition and claps from many. Charlie would be performing for the Mosaic Music Festival in March this year. Therefore if you can, do come down and show your support and love for our very own local talent.

More details here - 

Daphne Khoo 

Daphne Khoo shared her message of strength with a very powerful song tittle "Weak". This song was inspired by the battles she faced from the challenges in her life. It sings about how being weak sometimes isn't really being weak at all. This song was also sung as a dedication to all the athletes, encouraging them for the upcoming games. It was truly a such a beautiful moment to remember.

Lastly to end, here's a photo we took with a few new made friends from the after party. It was such a pity that so many people left before the DJ started spinning. It was hands down so good. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed myself and it was definitely something worth celebrating. 

Dearest Amanda, thank you so much for inviting me down. I really had a great time with you. I know I've said this many times but I'm really grateful that I have you in my life as a friend. You're amazing my babe, see you real soon!


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