Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Ask.fm: Questions About Making Love (Part 1)

Qn 1: What places would you suggest to love make at?

London, Paris & Rome. 

As cliché as it is, I would want to make love in those places? Paris especially.
What's not falling in love when you're in the city of one that hold the word in itself? 

I don't think I would come across as sick minded with such thoughts. Would I? I couldn't be. Stay with me and imagine. Image yourself being with the one you love, lying on the bed and looking out to a view like this. How magical would that be? Have you ever wondered? Would tears start to form? Would my heart start to race? Would it be like a movie perfect moment we see on screen?
Perhaps...I'll leave that for the future to tell.

Qn 2: In the future, would you allow your husband to invite another man/woman for a threesome?

No. Why would I? Or in fact, why would anyone? 

Before anyone calls me old fashioned, I do know such things are fun. I also do know that having a threesome might be within the list of things one has to do before turning 21 (or whatever age your list says). Well, but here's the cold hard truth. When you love someone, the idea of you adding another person into what you secretly share would not even be there. There is no excuse for you to say "But I've never tried it." Well if you want to say that, wouldn't you have to do it multiple times till you reach the number of infinity? Isn't it not? 

You would be like... 

"I want to try a foursome now." 
And then ..... "Oh, I want to add one more to that to make it 5, can I?"
And the next .... "Hey, six is a good number why not try it out as well?"

Please, give me a break.
Would you even make it to 20? 

But honestly, think about it. If you want to have you fun, go ahead and have your fun when you're single and free. Mess it all up any way you want. No one's there to stop you anyway. But when you're in a relationship, grow up. Stupid and meaningless things like these wouldn't matter any more. Who cares about having a threesome when you have the best in front of you? Aren't I not right? 

Therefore guys/girls/aliens do not think of having a threesome when you're in a relationship.
And of course not when you're married either. PLEASE

Qn 3: As a girl, what is your view about sex before marriage?

It is becoming a culture to not hold your virginity till marriage. And as sad as this may seem, it is a fact that we'll have to accept. It may not be very wise of one to give something so precious of them away at such early stages but, who are we to judge? Everyone has a story. Everyone has a reason. Everyone has a different mindset. Some people may think it's okay, as long as you're making love with someone you love. While others would go against it so hard.

Whatever it may be, I feel is that we should all accept each other for who we are. You don't have to dislike a person just because you hate their lifestyle. Just don't get involve in the parts you don't agree on. I can tell you now that I think that it is fine to not keep it till marriage as long as you are not having meaningless sex. Nonetheless, it is up to you to accept if or not. If you don't, I'll still respect you the same. Therefore, please do so in return. But no matter what I think about making love, the most important thing a couple should hold close to their heart is each other's soul.

Here's a strong quote that I found.

"It is easy to take off your clothes and have sex. People do it all the time. But opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams..... that is being naked." 

- Rob Bell


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