Sunday, 16 March 2014

Clinique - The Products/The Experience

Working for Clinique was truly an honour. I am really thankful that I was given this opportunity to be the one of the ambassadors for the launch of Clinique's new product. It definitely exposed me to the efforts that happen behind the scenes prior to the launch of products. It opened by eyes on how challenging marketing can be, let alone good marketing. As such, I am grateful to the team and the many thoughts that were put into the launch, as well as, branding of this product.

If you follow me on Instagram, this photo was taken awhile back. If you have not, here's to me starting work wearing Clinique's long lasting lipstick in the colour 17.


Along the way, I've met many new friends. I've met people that brought out the side of me that was hidden for too long. To be specific, I met Alexis. To me, she's really one of a kind. In her, I saw 3 of my other close friends. In her, I found that vibe that I needed. Well I guess I really do have to start searching for more friends like her. Friends that would go crazy and wild to spice up this mundane school life in Singapore. 

Due to personal reasons, I would not be able to continue to work for Clinique. Nonetheless, I would like to thank all my friends that came down to support me on the days when I was working. You girls are always the sweetest & I love you all for that. You all brought a smile to my day :D

And now for a few photos....

Before & After - Makeover 

A selfie of Alexis and I after a long day at work.

I am definitely looking forward to future events like these but till then, take care my folks.
Have a great Sunday ahead.


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