Thursday, 13 March 2014


To some, the best thing about turning 18 would be legal life they are now finally entitled to enjoy.

So now, here you are, walking into that particular club you've always dreamed of entering. You look around with that excitement on your face. You hear the music start to pick up. You look across the dance floor while taking a deep breath, not believing you're actually here. 

You then think to yourself.........."This feels so unreal." 

That was how I felt. 


After 1 month of clubbing at Zouk over and over again, the crowd started to annoy me a little.
Nonetheless, I do still love it a lot. Enough to make it my favourite club. 

Anyway, since we're on the topic of clubbing, someone asked me on awhile back to blog about my clubbing experiences so far. That some person also wanted to know what goes on in clubs. answer your question, I guess it's pretty much like how you would image it. just a little less hectic than those you see in the movies.

Nonetheless, here's what normally happens.

1. Meeting people - Meeting people is something I really like doing. However, the basis you might be meeting them on in a club would be slightly different. Some might get it through compliments, while others through stupid pick up lines. All with the initial intention to dance or get to know you better. I guess making friends that way can be a little weird to some, but as for me, I'm pretty cool with starting off on a note like this. But of course, one should still be wary and careful on who you're making friends with. I'm sure you would already be able to judge who you can and cannot trust at the age of 18. I mean, I hope you've been exposed enough prior to this. If you aren't please go out and start seeing the World. 

2. Drinking - This goes without saying I'm sure. I mean, come on, who clubs sober? Or at least, who clubs completely sober? Not me. However, it is really important to know your drinking limit. I have seen, as well as, experienced being drunk. Not cool bro. In fact, it sucks so much. Therefore, always know when to stop. Do not give in because of peer pressure or whatever reason you may have. Sometimes, friends would make you drink, that I seen a lot of. In situations like these, you need to know how to be firm. Don't drink for the sake of them. Know how to reject, but do it nicely of course. Some people might take your rejection as rudeness, who knows? However, I sure they would understand if you do it politely. On top of that, if they were really your true friends to begin with, I'm sure they wouldn't want you drunk either. 

3. Getting Guys/Girls - This is something I cannot even understand myself. I don't really want to touch a lot on this but hooking up in a club would be a pretty common sight. This might be a very sensitive topic so I'll just briefly talk about this. When you're dancing, getting high and sexy on the dance floor, someone is bound to pick you up. When that happens, it is your choice to accept that dance offer or not. If you don't, there's no issue. If you do, you are then to a certain extend putting yourself in a position for that person to kiss you. Of course not everyone would want kiss the person their dancing with, but in general, the majority would.

Anyway, to keep it short, you might then subsequently find yourself making out with that person. Yes, that's how it would mostly end. Not forgetting the rule of  "Whatever happens in the club, stays in the club." following along with it.

To be completely honest nonetheless, that's not possible...
Or at least not to me

Right now, what you are about to read would be a rather personal post. If you understand it, good for you.
If you don't try your best to figure it out.

To start off, I was at Zouk last night with a few girls.
It was a great night, the music was good, we had enough to drink.
 However, despite all that fun and girls night out I had, I also has a realisation.

After last night, I realized something weird. I'm not a clubber.
Or maybe, I'm not a clubber because I have no reason to be.

I figured that the only reason why I wanted to club was so that I could dance the night away with the one I love, not with the one I "loved" for the night. I don't want meaningless hookups. I want someone that I can cuddle with after a tiring but totally sick night. I don't want to cab home with the knowledge that I just added one more guy to the list of strangers I've kissed. "Good job to me."

I hear of those girls that go "Clubbing night is single night."

But honestly, kissing someone just for the fun of it isn't a good reason enough.
It isn't a good reason enough to let someone else take that preciousness of your kiss away.
It isn't a good reason enough to let your boyfriend be non-existent for that moment.

I don't know how else to express this but here's a song I really hold close to my heart.

I know some of you might not see the link but... this song is one that would really remind of that great love we all wish we one day would have. This is a song that would remind how precious and real love still is, even till today. This song gives me hope. This song inspires me to be better. I don't know how many know of this song but if you didn't, I hope this song touched you like it touched me too.


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