Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How do we keep our relationships strong if we are from different schools?

1. Understanding - The word "understand" in itself already means thinking about the other person before you. As such, when you start to understand each other more, better communication would also take place. Not being able to meet up as and when you like, communication would then be even more important as that is all that you can count on. As much as you want your partner to understand you, try your very best to also understand them in return. Don't assume that they don't care or love you just because they cannot make time for you. Sometimes, it's really not that easy. Come on, we all know how hectic the education system in Singapore can get right?

As such, put yourselves in their shoes and try to see what they see. I know how the feeling of "If he/she loves me, he/she would make time." can hunt you. Therefore, if you ever feel neglected beyond what you can take, let your partner know. Don't start a quarrel over this but talk it out like mature adults. Always remember, getting into an argument would not make either of you feel any better, thus avoid it. Nonetheless, never give up when the going gets tough. Relationship aren't meant to be easy. Sometimes, it does take a toll on you. When so, just keep the communication as strong as you can and do all you can do to make that person you love smile.  

2. The Effort - A lot of times, it is the effort that counts. As such, if you don't have time to meet your partner, find another way to show him or her love. What I suggest would be cute little acts of love. An example would be sending letters via post. In modern society, phone technology has made communication very easy. Due to this, acts like sending letters to your love are getting old. Or worst, forgotten. 

Therefore, during your study breaks, pick up a pen, write him/her a letter and then mail it out. If possible, make it a surprise. Take him or her back to the classics. Let them experience a different form of communication. Encourage each other by words of compliments. And never stop searching for new ways to express your love for them. 

3. A Morning/Night Text - Sending your partner a morning and night text is another way of showing love. This would mean that your other half was the first and last person on your mind. This would also subconsciously act as an assurance and comfort to the other person. At times, missing another gets tough. Therefore things like these then, would mean more than a lot. These are the little things that would keep the flame burning. 

4. Positive Thoughts - To push away all the negativity in your mind, positive thoughts will always do the trick. As hard as it may be, do all you can to generate as much happy thoughts as possible. Always prevent yourself from getting into an emotional breakdown. Feeling crappy wouldn't help in your relationship. On the other hand, it might ruin it. Therefore, sustaining positive thoughts would prevent you from over thinking and over assuming.

Do not over worry when he/she doesn't reply your messages. (I know how over obsessed we all can get at times.) Easier said then done but... just take a chill pill and go make yourself busy as well. Don't sit and wait for that text all day. Chances are you will feel like crap when it doesn't come as fast as you wanted it to be. If so, you would then start to feel that he/she doesn't care or ain't putting in enough effort. Not cool. Trust me, you don't want to go there. 

5. Emotional Support - Despite the stress you may already be feeling, supporting your partner emotionally is something you cannot miss out on. It is very important to ensure that your partner receives the support he or she needs. By doing so, your partner would then still be able to feel a sense of connection and love even when you're not physically near each other. This would also sustain the relationship and keep it close.

In conclusion, it is definitely possible to be together with someone despite being in a different school. Think about it, if long distance relationships are possible, why not this? Steve and I managed it pretty well a year back and despite our busy schedules, we still found time to meet up. My advice is to make use of the weekends given to you. Plan your time in advance and you would find yourself having sufficient time to meet up with your partner. And most importantly, don't stop growing and learning as a couple.

What I mentioned above are just a few of the many ways to sustain a relationship. Other things like trust can also be another big factor. Nonetheless, I hope this post helped and encouraged you one way or another. Feel free to post any questions on my ask.fm if any. If not, to all reading this, I hope you have a great day/night ahead.



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