Sunday, 23 March 2014

Plus size fashion

People have asked me on my " What can I wear if I'm plus size? " 
After doing some research, here's a plus size fashion Blog I found....

Having Summer also drawing near, going to the beach might be a frequent activity your friends would want to take part in. On these occasions, do you always find yourself lost on what you can wear? If you do, here's something for you...

Swimsuits for plus size +

On the same website, here's their denim collection you may find inspiration in 

To me, being plus sized isn't bad. In fact, there's nothing wrong with it. Apart from the health risk it brings, being big doesn't define your actual beauty. It is possible for one to look at another and go, "Damn, she's hot.", even without her having a Victoria Secret looking figure. 

Fashion isn't about how small or big you are, fashion is about confidence. 
People don't like you because of how small or big you are, people like you because you have good character. 
Even in the beauty industry, plus size modelling can be made into a career. Therefore, why are people still saying nasty things about big people? I just don't see a reason....Why can't we be more accepting? Aren't we all humans too? 

" It's the confidence that makes you beautiful." 


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