Saturday, 1 March 2014

So wake me up when it's all over

Isn't it sad how a group of friends can just break down? 

This is the second time something like this is happening before me. I know it's a "normal" thing to some but I just can't seem to understand. Probably it's me. I don't know. But why would someone just wake up and suddenly decide to distant himself away from everyone? What do you gain from that? Maybe I'm just too ignorant to the things happening around me but...that still can't change the fact that I am disappointed. Right? I can't help but think about all the moments we had together. All the laughter, singing and tears. All the plans we made while we were so sick and tired of studying. What happened to them all? Was it all forgotten? That chalet we talked about, the late night jamming sessions, everything we wanted to do.....

Call me sensitive but every time someone I know books or attends a chalet, I really just wish I had a group of friends close enough to do something like that. I would go then back in time to re-live that moment when we were all excitedly planning. But of course, that would only remain a memory. If you haven't realized it, here is the cold hard truth, The Starbucks Gang, it's breaking down. 

Someone on my said " You're very confident! Wish I was like you. " 
Well, to the person that compliment me on this, thank you. I really appreciate it. 

Nonetheless, I can't help but question that word. Confidence. No one would believe me if I say this but ..... I'm actually a very insecure & jealous person. To be honest, I'm starting to think that I might be developing some trust or personally issues.
No worries though, I'll be alright. 

What should I do when I'm caught between the four things that I can't live without? Between the ones that love me, the one I chose to love, the ones that I want love from & the one I wish could love better? I guess it's hard, the challenge keeps me going. Nonetheless, it disappoints me how I still can find that balance. That balance I told myself to find. Maybe that was the missing promise I made to myself that I forgot to fulfill. Well, 1 March would then be a good reason to start anew. A good reason to push myself even higher and better. A good reason to change, learn & progress. So therefore, here's to a good month ahead. Wishing that this month would be yet another month filled with love, challenges & new opportunities.

Therefore, despite the odds, good morning beautiful World.
I hope this didn't all too much to all the negativity already going around.


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