Monday, 21 July 2014

Random Comeback Post.

So here's my conclusion. I'm inspired by love. 
Love for anything in general. 

May it be a couple getting married, or someone passionate about what they do.
I can't help but feel all fuzzy inside. Man, is this normal?   

Let me first start by telling you a little more about myself, and my love for weddings. Weddings, probably the biggest sign of love internationally known. It is crazy how one can love someone so much to the extend of giving your whole life to them. Just think about it. You grew up in a world that was so competitive and everything you knew you did was for yourself. Suddenly, someone comes into your life and you realize you want to share everything with them. You don't know how or when but you start to see everything differently when you finally found that someone. True? 

Correct me if I'm wrong. 

So as a little girl, going to weddings felt like a privilege. Although I wasn't the bride, I somehow always felt like a little Princess. I remember my mother dressing me up, little by little. That subtle transformation from a tired messy looking kid to a little angel excited me. It made me dream about that day when it was my turn to walk down the aisle. Well of course, I didn't understand what love was then..... but I sure could feel the happiness it brought. It felt warm.

If you think it stops there, you're wrong. After the end of every wedding, ideas would flood my mind. I would picture dresses and layouts. I felt as though my little fantasies were coming alive in my own head. My creativity was running and there was nothing that could stop it. At night, I would dream about everything I thought about earlier but always wake up with the realization that I was too young to make anything like that happen. 

End of story one. 

Are you ready for number two? 

Okay here it is: Then I starting growing up.....

At the age of 14, I felt what a kiss was like. 
At the age of 16, I found myself in my first relationship. 
This, I would not talk about in detail for now. 

The point here is that as I grew older, my love for music grew as well. 
I found myself drowning in love songs. They were the only songs I would play on repeat. They were the only kind of songs that could make me cry. Though I adopted an interest for clubbing when I turned 18, no clubbing music could bring the kind of joy I felt when I was listening to these love songs. 

Slowly, it moved into Christmas songs (the one sung by Michael Buble)... then country, and finally wedding themed love songs. The list can go on and on. Focusing back on Christmas, it became the time of the year I most looked forward to. I could stop thinking about it. The thought of the carols playing was enough to stir up the adrenaline in me. It wasn't even about the presents any more, it was about the love and ambience the season brought. 

Don't believe me? Here's my favourite Christmas Song. 
Take a listen and tell me what you feel.


Well, if you're thinking there's a third story..... sorry to disappoint, there isn't.
I mean, as much as I want to go on, I will not.
Why? No reason actually.

So yes, you have come to the end of my blog post. Maybe this to you would just be a super random post but hey, give me credit for finally making an effort to type something worth reading. Maybe this was how I was meant to come back after disappearing for so long. Or maybe this was just my little way of saying " I'm falling in love with someone amazing. Someone that makes me so happy, someone that gives me hope, and someone that inspired me to write this post"


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