Monday, 8 September 2014

A Sneak Peak In My Workout Routine + Workout Progress

Hey everyone, I am proud to say that I've been consistently working out for about 2 months now, and I definitely am seeing results, as well as, feeling a change in my body. At the same time, many of you have been asking me what workouts I do, and what my routine is like. Today, I will not be going into the details of the specific workout, but I will briefly talk to you about what my weekly workout routine is like. I know some of you may want the details, but don't worry, they will be in the subsequent posts. I will compile all my favorites from Blogilates, along with other trainers, and collate them all into a post.

When I first started, I stuck really closely to Blogilates Workout Calander. If you don't know who she (Cassey Ho/Blogilates) is, Cassey is one of my favorite trainers that provides a great variety of fun and crazy workouts to enable us to get that goal body of ours. She constantly challenges and pushes our limits and she never fails to bring out the best in everyone. 

I re-started my fitness journey in end July/early August and it has been amazing so far. For Blogilates style, she focuses on a different group of muscles everyday. From, your arms, all the way till your legs. Here's the breakdown: 

Monday - Abs 
Tuesday - Legs & Butt 
Wednesday - Cardio 
Thursday - Arms & Back 
Friday - Rest Day 
Saturday - Cardio + Core 
Sunday - Total Body Tone

Check our her blog if you're interest in following her workout calender. Do subscribe to her monthly newsletter to unlock the password for your workout calender.

Before I end off, here are some photos of my progression :) 

Week 1 to Week 3 

Week 4 to Week 6


Week 7 to Week 8 - September 2014 

Today/Current - 8th September 2014 

I know I don't have the best body yet but I'm defintely working towards my goal. The individual post for the specific workouts I do, as well as, my daily routine will be up real soon :) Therefore, do stay tune for it and remember to check our Blogilates if you don't already know who she is. If you have any questions, do feel free to drop them in my -

Eat clean. Go beast mode. Train like an angel. 


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