Saturday, 13 September 2014

What Should You Look For In A Guy

1. Dedicated/Faithful 

This goes without saying. No matter who you date, faithfulness is the most important thing your man needs to have. He has to be someone that wouldn't sway in the event if someone else comes into the picture. Also, he has to be someone that wouldn't give up on the relationship when things gets rough. He has to know how to behave when he's attached and he cannot still be playing or flirting with all the other girls around him. He needs to care you for and check in on you whenever he can. Being busy is not an excuse to temporarily "forget" about you. However, I am not asking for an eternal attention from him as well. What I am saying is that he has to put in the effort to show you his love whenever he gets the chance to. 

2. Motivated/Driven 

Next, the man you go for needs to have a goal in life. This to me is the second thing I would look for in a guy. I mean, think about it, why would you want to be with someone that does nothing but laze around? What good would that bring to you? Can he even support or motivate you when you require him to? Of course not. Therefore, be with someone that will inspire you. Be with someone that will motivate you to be better. Don't be with someone that has no aspirations at all. Trust me, that's not going to get you anywhere. I know some of you may argue and tell me you can change him. Nonetheless, speaking from experience, you would most probably be influenced by his lazy ways instead. As such, don't demote yourself like that. Always remember this: You should always be striving to improve yourself, not the other way around. 

3. Polite/Respectful 

Thirdly, your man needs to have good manners. This is basic courtesy. No one in the right mind will ever want or like a rude boyfriend. And lets say if you were to ever bring him home, your parents might not approve of you dating him as well.. Therefore he has to be polite. He has to know when to say what. He cannot be someone that shoots off without processing his words in his head. He has to know how to respect the people and his surroundings. In addition, this respect will also determine how he treats you. If he is a man that respects you, he would (1) cancel on you, or (2) turn up late for your dates. He would honor his words and do his best to fulfill them. He wouldn't be someone that backs out or pushes responsibility when things go wrong. 

4. Presentable 

He does not have to look like a Prince 24/7, but for the most part, he has to look presentable. He cannot be under dressing when he's standing beside you. Whenever he goes out on a date, you have to at least be able to see that effort in him. He cannot be coming to a date unprepared, looking like a mess. Basically, he has to be able to present himself well in front of others. This is key when it comes to meeting your parents or your friends. Also, he has to be able to match up to you as his girlfriend. To me, how someone dresses and take care of his own imagine reflects a lot on him as a person. It will tell me if he is a careless person or not. I will then know how he treat his own life, as well as, the people around him. I know some of you might think dressing ins't important but if you ask me, it is. This is totally personal and it's okay if you don't agree with me on this.

5. Mature 

Lastly, he has to be mature. You cannot be dating someone with a "boy" mentally. What do I mean? Lets say you get into an argument for example. A boy would avoid the situation. He wouldn't want to pick up your calls, or reply your message. He would not even want to see you and come up with all sorts of excuses just to get you off his back. That kind of behavior to me is totally immature. What he should do instead is to see you face to face, like a man would, and talk things out. If the argument happen to occur when the both of you are not physically together, he should rush down the moment things get heated up and try to solve the conflict. To me, maturity is everything when it comes to dealing with relationship problems. This will determine the foundation of the relationship and how your love life with that particular someone will turn out. 


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