Thursday, 11 September 2014

When You Fall In Love With A Man In A Suit

Hands down the most ridiculously perfect moment I can ever imagine in my head. I wrote this awhile back but I recently chanced upon this while I was flipping through my writing book. I almost couldn't remember that I ever wrote this. Anyway, to those of you who are curious to know what my ideal man is, this would probably be my answer. Well, I don't know if this would make any sense to you but I hope you do enjoy this short little write up of mine about what I feel would happen when a women falls in love with a gentleman in a suit. 

When You Fall In Love With A Man In  A Suit

When you fall in love with a man in a suit,
he would buy you the sweetest cakes you've ever tasted. 
Knowing all the best cafes people visited.

He would take you out on strolls at the prettiest parks,
gazing at your beautiful eyes that emits a kind of spark.
He would also know every flaw you have,
but still chooses to love you, overlooking what you lack.

When you fall in love with a man in a suit,
he would treat you like you're royalty.
With respect, honor & intimacy.
And though you may think you're just an ordinary girl,
he would look at you like you're his whole world.

When it comes to work he's always there,
giving his 100% with dedication and care.
 But despite time being ever so precious,
he would sacrifice it just to see you regardless.

Lunch breaks would be what he secretly looks forward to,
as he would get to see you even though it's just for an hour or two
His emails would then be piling up back at his office,
but the moment he's with you all stress would be forgotten.

On some days I know, you still would question
Is it me or work that is the most important?
But whenever you look at him you would see,
a love so deep in his heart for you, his Queen.

When you fall in love with a man in a suit,
heartbreaks may still happen my friend.
But unlike the rest you've seen,
he who loves you will be there with an apology.

And lastly when the big day finally comes,
that man in a suit will yet again be in one.
And with one step at a time, you will walk,
down that aisle with all the applause.
With a kiss and the exchanging of vows, he will be,
your King from now, till eternity.


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