Saturday, 11 October 2014 How do you know you're in love?

"How do you know you're in love?" This question was asked yet again on my I initially didn't know how to piece my thoughts together, but after a night of thinking, I realized that love isn't something you can just so easily just put in words.
Therefore, to the best of my ability, this is my answer for you: 

"Only once in your life will you experience a love like this. A love you never thought could exist.
A love like what you see in movies or read in novels. It is a kind of feeling that keeps you going.
It becomes your strength and the mere sight of that someone instantly makes your day.
You'll find yourself obsessing over that person, with he/she not being able to leave your mind.
Everything else becomes less significant and he/she is now the center of your life.
You'll still fight for your career and what you love nonetheless, but somehow still know that it
wouldn't be that worth if they weren't at the end celebrating your success with you. 

As the days go by, what you feel for that person will only get stronger.
You will start to see sides of that person you've never seen but still decide to love them regardless.
You'll start to make plans for the future, taking it step by step as you go along.
Traveling now becomes and option and soon, you'll find yourself travelling to places together.
"Us against the world" as they always say. You're not longer alone.

And like I said above, love is something I cannot describe to you just like that.
Not because my command of the language is weak,
but because love is a langue of the heart.
 It cannot be explain, only felt. Love is the best gift in life.
And the day when you feel everything I just said above or more,
that's when you know you're in love."

What I said above isn't fully how being in love is like. At times, love can be the biggest bitch ever. It can kill you , it can hurt you & it can tear you apart. But the most important lesson that we can get out of this is that, with love, there is still hope. And maybe you might lost someone you really cared about, but that my friend is not the end. Your first love might not always be your best love. But your best love, will always be your hardest, wildest, most passionate and heart wrenching one.

PS: Everyone has a love story to tell. Nonetheless, what makes it truly beautiful isn't how "movie like" the story is. What makes it beautiful is the true joy that lights up in the eyes of those telling their story. Like as if they were writers of their very own novel. 


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