Monday, 6 October 2014 Questions About Working Out (Part 2)

Q5: How to get away belly and thigh fats? 

To lose belly fats, you need to do your cardio as well as watch what you eat. If you're talking about wanting to get abs, it is indeed very much "made in the kitchen." In other words, you cannot be snacking on chips or gobbling down fast food if you want to cut those fats out. Instead, you need to be eating healthy, as well as, in moderation. Here's are some fat burning core workouts videos you might want to try. Personally, I would do the first one and then the second. I normally pair my cardio and core workouts together :-) This way, I can burn fat and sculpt my core all at the same time! 

As for your thighs, it will reduce as you do your cardio as well. Lunges, squats & running are good examples of leg sculpting workouts. If time is not on your side for some running action, here's a good leg workout you can do before you leave the house or at your own free time.

Q6: How to get a smaller butt? 

The butt is made out of muscles and fats. Therefore, the only way to make is smaller is to burn off all those excess fats through toning and fat burning. (1) Running is one form of exercise that can help shed off those fats and reduce the size of your butt over time. (2) Squats will also help to sculpt your butt as it makes it firm, perky and round. In conclusion, pair your butt workouts with some cardio to burn off those fats and give time for the results to show. Remember, what you want is a firm butt, not a small and flat one. There's nothing attractive about that my friend.

Q7: How often should I do cardio? 

If you are starting out, 20 mins of cardio, 3 times a week would be enough. Once your body is used to working out on a regular basis, you may want to increase your workout time from 20 mins to 30 or 40 mins, 3 times a week. In addition, do take note that you need to do high intensity cardio routines. There are plenty of them to choose from. Just look them up on YouTube and choose your favorite one :-) If you really have no idea, I have some of my favorite cardio workout videos here --->> Favorite Workout Routines <<--- If you have more time on your hand during the weekends, you can also opt to go for a run. 

Q8: How do I push through workouts? 

I think the most important thing for pushing through a workout is to (1) Have a goal. So let's just say you're training for abs, for example. I'm sure you would already have this imagine of what you would call a "goal stomach" in mind. If you do, look at the photo of that "goal stomach" you want to achieve and whenever you feel like giving up half way, just think about that end result. 

Next, you need to have (2) Positive thoughts. Many times, people would tend to give up halfway through the workout when the burn comes in. When that happens, the main thought they would most probably have is "I can't to do" or "It's to hard for me." However, you need to realized that if you already mentally tell yourself it's hard, it would obviously be hard. Or not, even harder. Therefore replace those words with something positive instead. My favorite motivational quote is "Train like a beast to look like a beauty." 

Lastly, have (3) Someone to workout alongside with you. This can be in the form of a physical friend or a trainer through videos on YouTube. I say this because we sometimes do set self goals but, also end up compromising them if we can't achieve it. Or should I rather say, when we don't work hard enough to achieve it. Hence, to solve this, workout along side a friend or a trainer will somehow push you harder to achieve what you've set out for the day. If you're working out with a friend, the both of you can set a goal and be accountable for each other. If you're workout out with a trainer, you need to have that self discipline to not stop the video midway and go all the way with your trainer in the video. This will definitely allow you to sustain longer in your workouts and not end up cutting short what you planned. 

 Also if you find that you're lacking motivation, motivate yourself from time to time. This can be done through looking at workout videos or buy a new shoes or gym clothes for example :-) Give yourself a reason to wake up and get going.

Q9: PAP of you in your workout attire? 

Eat clean. Go beast mode. Train like an angel.



  1. funny how you're posting all these yet your body is nothing like it

  2. You are soo brave, being sarcastic on anon. Grow some balls and say it in her face? Besides, working out is always a work-in-progress. So. Shoo.

  3. How do I achieve bigger butt if mine is small? Is there any tips on achieving it?