Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Very Simple Food Gift Ideas

Hey guys! So as requested, here are some simple gift ideas you can put together, or make, to give to that special someone. This post will be focused on Food Gift Ideas specifically. The non food related gift ideas will be up in another post, soon to come! The two posts might be subjected to updates along the way as more inspiration comes to me. These ideas aren't that "Original" as these ideas have already been used by others. Nonetheless, these are just some ideas, I think, that are easy & affordable to whip up. 

(1) A Food Survival Kit 

This is a survival kit I made for my currently boyfriend, Donovan, after he ended his 3D2N camp in school. Due to the camp, he hadn't been able to sleep well and I knew he was really tired when camp broke. Therefore, instead of just going empty handed to school to pick him up, I decided to make him a " Post Camp Survival Kit" to give him a little boost of energy. 

Here's what you would need: 
1. A box 
2. Decorations 
3. Food (Things he/she likes to eat) 

It is that simple. 

The name of this kit can be amended to "Exam Mugging Survival Kit" etc.. 

(2) A Quick Breakfast Bite

Here's what you would need: 




As simple as I said it would be, the making of this breakfast only requires THREE steps!

Step 1:  Heat the Ham in the oven for 2-4 minutes
Step 2:  Place the heated ham onto the bread 
Step 3: Add the cheese on top of the ham

After step 1 to 3 are completed, feel free to place the bread in any kinda of container or packaging you'd like. As for me, I chose to put my bread in a mini gift bag I got from Daiso. Once you've done that, you're pretty much good to go!

(3) Wrapped Mystery Gift 

Here's what you would need: 

1. Food item 
2. Wrapper 
3. Small Card 

This was another food gift I did for Donovan for our Second dating monthsary present. As I was already a few days late, I didn't want to delay it any further. However, I didn't want to rush through a gift as well. Therefore, I decided to get him an item from the list of his favorite food and wrapped it up in a present. To add a sweet touch, I left it outside his door the next morning instead of handing it over to him myself. To me, leaving a present or a surprise outside the door never gets old. Sweet level, 100%, checked. If you want to make it even more personal, spray a little bit of your perfume on the external side of the wrapper. That way, your boyfriend or girlfriend will be able to smell you when they unwrap their gift :-) Super cute. 

(4) Candy In A Bottle 

This was a recent gift to Donovan to celebrate our 4th dating monthsary. This gift is nothing fancy or complicated. However, it is definitely one that is sweet both on the external and internal. If your special someone likes chocolates instead, feel free to change it up a little :-) This does not require much money or resources. I'm sure you can get all of the materials below under $10. You would probably only need to get the bottle if you don't already have one, as well as, the contents depending on what he/she likes.

Here's what you would need: 
A Bottle 
Sticky Pad
Finally, to make it a little more personalized, I added a "Priceless" sticker, as well as, some words to complement it.  

To conclude, these gift above ain't very "wow", I know. Nonetheless, they are sure simple and sweet gifts right from the heart. Therefore, if you're really bad at making things or really have no idea what you can give that special someone, food is the way to go :-) As mentioned, I will be adding on gift ideas as I go along. Please do understand that I can't reveal all my ideas now as some of them are meant to be kept a surprise. Worry not however, I would surely upload the remaining gift ideas when I've given the gifts. I hope you do understand. Lastly, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them away on my ask.fm - http://ask.fm/KimberleyYong


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