Saturday, 15 November 2014

First Dates

Hey lovies, so sorry for not updating my blog in 4 weeks. I've been really busy with school and I just couldn't find the time to sit down and draft something until today. I'll try to update more regularly but to jump right into the post, I'll be talking about First Dates <3 

First dates to me are very important. It is the very first impression you're going to make and have with the person you're out on the date with. This is a time when you and your date get to spend some individual quality time with each other. If the person you're going out with is someone you just met, your first date would be rather exciting. However, if you're going on a first date with someone you already have known for awhile, it's probably going to feel more relaxing. Nonetheless, no matter friend or someone new, you can't afford to mess up. 

First thing to note: Ask her properly. 
You can either go cute or romantic :-) Make her feel special 

Someone New 

If you're going out with someone you just met, a lunch or dinner would be a perfect first date choice. Why? This is because you and your date should spend the first date getting to know each other. Don't go on a movie date with him/her. I'm sure it would be rather weird watching a movie beside someone you barely know. (At least it is to me) 

Therefore, choose a cafe that's not packed with people and let that be your venue. I'm sure you don't want to eat and talk in an environment where you barely can hear yourself. Remember, you want this to be a very slow paced and calming date. Not one in which you'll have to rush through your food because you're pressured by the queue you see forming outside. 

Apart from the venue, please please please dress up for your first date. Don't be too "anything" with it. You need to show him/her that some effort was put in into getting ready. Show him/her that you really want to be at your best for this special night. To do so, look at your venue as a guide. Base on where you're having dinner, pick your outfit :-) Don't be too over dressed or under dressed. 

A Friend

If you're on a first day with a friend, the venue wouldn't be that crucial. Reason being that since you two already know each other, you might not want to spend your first day talking and interacting even more. That might be a little too boring for you. Therefore, instead of a lunch or dinner date, do something a little more fun. Some examples would be Ice Skating, Exploring or a Movie Date.

If you're with a friend that you're already comfortable with, your purpose of going out with him wouldn't be to get to know him/her better. Your purpose should be to see if your date and you are compatible as a couple. I do know of some couples that are better off friends. If you've been in a relationship before, I'm sure you know a relationship can be very different from a friendship. Therefore, it is important to know how to deal with these changes if you and him/her decide to date. 

This change would mainly be caused by the change in expectation. Therefore, it is very important that you know what the other person want and need in their relationship. Sometimes, the friend you know might not be the exact same person you will see when you're in a relationship with him/her. It can differ a little. Hence, understand what kind of relationship he/she expects and see if you and him/her are on the same page. This talk can happen after you've gone out with him/her a few times. Don't jump into the serious talk too soon. Just enjoy your time spent with that person and see how he/she makes you feel as couple. 

Worst Date Experience 

I only have one worst date experience. 

There was one time I went out with this guy who had completely no idea what the plan was. The venue of our date was in town and upon arrival, he didn't even have a place in mind. It was honestly quite a turn off because I didn't expect him to not plan. I thought he already thought about where we were going to have our lunch prior to the meet up. When I asked him "So where are we going to eat?", he replied me with a "Up to you." 

What we can learn from this is, if you're the one that asked the her out for a date first, plan something. Don't just expect her to do all the planning on your FIRST date. The venue or the schedule of the date can either be pre-planned by the both of you, or just you. (If you're the guy) Whatever it is NEVER go without a plan. That would be the biggest mistake. 

In summary, plan the date (If you're the guy), dress up, communicate, be open & have fun. No one should feel pressurized on their first date. If you think he/she isn't suitable for you after the first or a few dates later, don't lead him/her on. Tell them that you had a great time but it's better that you remain friends. There's no need to end things in a bad way. And with that, I hope you enjoyed reading this post :-) If you have any questions, feel free to post them to my - - I don't know when I'll be updating my blog again but till next time, take care! 


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