Saturday, 27 December 2014 Questions About Working Out (Part 3)

How do I work my legs?

Before you start toning your leg muscles with squats, running & lunges, you will first need to burn off all the fats. I mean, what's the use of having those muscles under a layer of fats right? As such, here are some leg workouts you might want to follow :-) Do them 3-4 times a week and feel free to venture into more advance or intense workouts as you go along. 

Along with these legs workout, please do remember to clock in your cardio. I normally do HIT cardio every 3-4 times a week :-) You should be able to see the results in a few weeks!

What is your home workout routine? 

This is just one of the many routines I do at home :-) I normally have many routines I can alternate with as I can change it up whenever I get bored of doing them. This one in particular is more of a quick full body workout routine. It's just a touch and go of every part of your body.

Warm Up (3 minutes)

Jog on the spot - 30 seconds 
High Knees - 30 seconds
Standing Torso Twist - 30 seconds

NOTE: Please have a 10-15 seconds interval 
between each exercise/set. 

Abs (7-8 minutes)

Windmills - 45 seconds 
25 push through
Flutter Kicks - 45 seconds 
25 push through
Plank - 1 minute 
Slide Plank - 45 seconds (each side)
Oblique Crunch - 45 seconds (each side) 
15 Jackknife Sit-up 

Arms (3-4 minutes)

20 Triceps Dips (Chair) 
10 Push-ups (Girl/Guy) 

Butt & Legs (6-7 minutes)

Fire Hydrants - 45 seconds (each side) 
Cross Butt Kicks - 30 seconds (each side) 
Squats - 20 
20 lunges - 10 (each side) 
20 alternating lunges (jumps)  
20 Calve raises 

Cardio  (9-10 minutes)

10 Burpies - 2 sets of 10 
Jumping Jacks - 30 seconds 
Butt Kicks - 30 seconds 
In-and-out - 30 seconds 
Skater Hops - 30 seconds 
Ventral Jacks - 30 seconds
Fly Jacks - 30 seconds 
Mountain Climbers - 30 seconds 
10 Burpies 

Warm down + Stretching (3-4 minutes)

Jog on the spot - 30 seconds 
Quad Stretch - 30 seconds (each side)
Calve stretch - 30 seconds (each side) 
Oblique stretch - 15 seconds (each side) 

Workout music to accompany 

Eat clean. Go beast mode. Train like an angel.


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