Monday, 8 December 2014

How to keep your man?

1. Be Understanding 
Being understanding towards your guy really helps. I mean after all, I'm sure you would want your guy to be understanding towards you as well right? Even though he may be your boyfriend he has his own problems and emotions too. Just let him know that he has your support in whatever he does be it in school, friends and day to day routine.

2. Talk To Him
 Let him know everything that you're thinking. Don't keep it inside you and hint at a possible fight/argument. The thing is your boyfriend may know you inside out but he'll never possibly know what is going on in your mind unless you put it in words. Don't keep him guessing and making wrong assumptions that'll make the whole matter worse. It definitely helps a guy when you tell him how you're feeling. Guys would definitely think of solutions and solve the matter once you tell him how you feel.

3. Give Him Space
 I'm not saying every guy needs this sort of space I'm about to explain but most of the guys I know do. Your guy definitely has friends he treats as "Bros" this can be really hard to comprehend but when he's going out with his friends he'll want to do it with them only. That doesn't mean he completely forgot about you but he just wants to like be stupid and have guy talks and do guy things. That doesn't mean you're not fun to be with or any less important than the brothers he has. The feeling they give and you as a girlfriend give is totally different.

4. Give Him Assurance 
It's healthy to reassure your boyfriend once in a while. However, when things start to go wrong don't leave him alone. Tell him that even after everything is wrong, you'll be there. Tell him what you always would say and don't make it different. Guys definitely would want to here the words you always say. Simple sweet words. Every couple has different assurance words so I'm sure you'll definitely know what to say when he starts to feel sensitive.

5. Be Flirty, Be Kinky 
I'm not asking you to be very sexual. I am just ask you to be flirty and kinky at times. It is healthy for a couple to at least have a little bit of kinky-ness to spice things up. However, do note that this only applies to mature couples. Couples that are under the legal age should not be doing anything that will get you in trouble with the law. Also, it is not healthy to get yourself involved sexually at such a young age. This should only be applicable for couples 18 and older. Nonetheless, this is a personal choice. If you really think being kinky is uncomfortable for you, don't do it. Don't allow anyone to force you into doing something you're not willing. Especially when it comes to sacred stuff like this. 

6. Pamper Him 
The guy doesn't always have to be the one buying things or pampering you in the relationship. Once in awhile, it is also your duty to treat your man like a Prince. Therefore, buy him a gift or do something sweet for him. If you're not a cheesy or hopeless romantic, get him something you know he would like. This can rage from a new Cologne or a T-shirt. Anything small and simple would do. If you are on a budget, write him a post it note and kiss it with your lipstick on. That would surely make him smile :-) 

NOTE:  The 1st to 4th points are words from my boyfriend, Donovan, while the 5th  & 6th points were added by me. So ladies, please do take note of these points. Keep these points in mind and always remember yourself about them. However, do note that these points will only work if the guy you're with is serious about you. If you're dating a player or someone who isn't ready to commit, I don't even think doing any of these would make him stay if he wants to leave. And please do not ever use your body to keep him. That shouldn't be how you go about keeping your man. That should NEVER be the case. 


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