Monday, 29 December 2014

Gift Idea: Batman Paper Holder

This holder was made from a cereal box. The steps can be found in the link below. 

After cutting the cereal box into shape, you might want to add some cardboard inside to thicken the box. 
This will allow the box to have more stability.  

I then wrapped the box with some brown paper as my base. 
The design of your base is your choice, depending on your design of your paper holder. 

Using a black paper, or any paper of your choice, cut out the shapes or pictures for your design. 
I chose the Batman logo as Donovan is a fan. 

Lastly, to personalize it a little, I added a "Don Wayne's Property" label/sign. 
And that's how I made my DIY paper holder for our 5th (dating) monthsary. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. 

PS: If you haven't watch "Gotham City", you are missing out.


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