Friday, 26 December 2014

What Should You Look For In A Girl

1. Understanding/Forgiving

If she is able to put herself in your shoes to understand you, she's a keeper. I admit that is it indeed 
challenging to understand your partner fully. Even for me, I sometimes find myself trying to understand why my partner did what he did. Nonetheless, you still need to put in some effort. An example, gaming. 

If you know me well enough, I am not a fan of gaming. However, I do understand that gaming is a way to relief stress or kill time for some boys. Therefore, a girlfriend should allow her boyfriend to game (a little) and not forbid him completely. However, as a boyfriend, you should not take advantage of that and play for hours. You still need to spend time with your girlfriend and get your work & assignments done. A boyfriend should not be glued to the seat and never wanting to leave. Remember, it's all about the balance. 

Sometimes, due to the slip of the tongue or not processing the brain, guys can say wrong things. This is something that cannot be denied. You guys know it, I know it. However, a girlfriend should be able to forgive you after you've made it up and apologized. She should not be taking the fight into weeks of cold war. If what you said wasn't too hurtful, she should be able to forgive you and move on. You (boyfriend) on your part will also have to learn from it and never repeat the same mistake again. 

2. Caring/Loving

Loving and showing care for someone is a selfless act. When a women can care and love her man with all her heart, she is someone you would want to cherish for life. The world today can be a rather selfish place. This is something I can't and shouldn't overlook. There are so many people out there doing things for their own gains, wanting the best for themselves. However, in the midst of doing all these things, we sometimes forget what it's like to care and show love to the people around you. As such, if she is one that radiates care and love, she's someone to look out for. As a man, it is very heart warming to have someone who shows care and love for you in return as well. After all, once a women and a man are in a relationship, it's not just about the him showing love. At times, the women has a part to fulfill as well. 

3. Loyal 

This is self explanatory. A girl should be loyal and faithful to her man. As long as she does not feel used or un-loved by him, she should not have any reason to wavier. She should not be someone that changes her heart or lose feelings easily. If she does, she's probably either confused or not ready to get into a relationship. As a boyfriend therefore, give her the attention and love she needs. You on your part will also need to be loyal. You can expect someone to be loyal to you when you're flirting with every girl you see as well. Therefore, if you and her are serious about each other, only see each other and let no one else in. 

4. Driven/Motivated

Similar to the man, a women should have a goal in life. She cannot be someone that loves to laze around without getting anything done. If you are in a serious relationship, you need to think long term. Therefore, find a girl that have a goal so you and her can work together in achieving them. Don't just go for someone that has a pretty face or a nice body. Go for someone that has a plan and direction in life. I know that there's nothing much to think about at the age or 17/18. Nonetheless, as long as the rough idea of what she wants is there, she will one way or another know how to work towards that goal. If she really doesn't know what she's living for, you as a boyfriend will then have to inspire and motivate her to be a better person. As a couple, a man and women should bring out the best in their partner and build each other's lives up.


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