Saturday, 21 February 2015

Liking someone from afar? What should I do next? 

Option 1: Confess/Hint/Flirt 

Regardless if you're male or female, you have the right to confess. Yes, I included females. Why? Simply because girls can make the first move as well. Why does it always have to be the guys? Think about it, is there any logical reasoning behind why a girl can confess to the guy she likes? No there isn't. Nonetheless, I can understand why this idea has been put across to many Singaporean girls. I would assume that it all comes down to the environment we grew up in. Unlike the Western culture, we Singaporeans are not so expressive and out going when it comes to human to human interaction. Therefore, I can conclude that most of us grew up in an environment where we were really well protected and everything made safe. We were told to not talk to strangers or to not engage in too long a conversation with someone you're not familiar with. In addition, girls are told that we should be more reserved. (Correct me if I'm wrong).

However, I only agree to that to a certain extend. This is because when it comes to love, it should never be safe. Love should be passionate, wild & crazy. Love isn't something you should be afraid off. If you like him/her, you like him/her. Don't give yourself a million excuses to convince yourself otherwise. So, if you want to be safe, shy or scared, don't fall in love. 

Therefore my friends, if you've finally plucked up the courage to flirt with that someone, make sure you play your game right. Don't go all out, neither do keep too much in. Do it just right. Know your crush well enough to know their style. If they would be turned off by cheesy pick up lines, don't even try. If they like sweet words, give it all to them. In whatever you do, it is important that you avoid messing up your one chance with that person.

Option 2: Continue liking

The 2nd choice you have is to continue liking them. 

Option 3: Lastly, giving up. Calling it end. 

To some, giving up on someone they like might be easy. While other, almost impossible. Whatever it may be, giving up would, in a way, set yourself free from any emotion torture you might face. This would allow your mind, body & soul to take a short break from all those feelings of anxiety you've been feeling. 

Prior to this, I'm sure we would all have that moment whereby we cannot decide if we want to give up. We normally aren't sure ourselves of what we want. We are scared, lost & greatly confused. When that happens, the first thing we can do is to ask ourselves, "Do I really like that person as much as I think I do?"
If you do, good. If you don't, walk away. 

Now then, you might ask, "How do we know if we really like that person?" 
Very easy my friends. Ask yourself....

"Do you see a future with them?"
"Do you see them as someone you can trust your heart with?"
"Do you think you can be in love with them for a long time?"

If the answer to all of these questions above was a yes, you wouldn't even need me to tell you what to do. If the answer to all of these questions above was a no however, you probably should give up. Why? Well, very simple, it's probably an infatuation (with a little bit of like). No worries though, it's happens. 

But of course, one can also give up because they are afraid and want to just stop. Nonetheless, one shouldn't live their life being afraid. My advice would be to take a chance. You might get hurt, yes. But hey? At least you know you tried your best. 

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