Sunday, 3 May 2015

Have you ever experienced that moment when a certain song comes on and all your memorize start coming back? 
That feeling of how things used to be. That feeling of missing you get inside of you? Yeah. I know exactly how that feels. 

Ever since O's ended, the Starbucks people have been as busy as ever, me included. It's like we hardly have time for each other any more. Zan can't stay late, Alyssa is in school, Westley has his own life, Anson tries his best to get us all back together and me? I'm bust too. It sucks to see how we drifted apart. It really does. 

I was listening to Sleeping With Sirens the other night and all the feelings just came back. I don't know why or how or what made me feel this way..... but I did. I miss how retarded we can get after studying for an entire day. I miss the many cups of coffee we spammed ourselves with. I miss the nights or drama. I miss how we would just sit there, wishing O's would be over as soon as possible. I just miss all the times we had. 

Maybe I'm being clingy and overly attached but you guys were the best friends I had in ages. The last few weeks of my Secondary 5 life was made better because all of you were there for me. 

I know this is abit ridiculous. But I really wanna quit smoking. Any ideas or motivations ?
1. Start cutting down slowly - Cut down on your daily intake. I don't know how addicted you are but do it slowly. If you smoked 10 sticks yesterday, smoke 9 today. After awhile you will realize that you will start to crave less as your body slowly gets used to the reduction.
2. Tell your friends you want to stop - By doing this, you are giving them your word and because of that, they will constantly remind you if you are ever going against what you said you want to do.
3. Don't give up - If you were to ever feel like you can never achieve this, tell yourself otherwise. Remind yourself of why you decided to quit in the first place. Don't go into a thinking that it is impossible and it cannot be done. My dad was a smoker too. In fact he smoked for 18 years. However, he quit. Hence, I know you can too. Don't let what you assume bring you down! You are stronger than you know. That's the power of the mind :-)
4. Think ahead - Smoking might cause you to develop future health problems and I am sure you don't want to put yourself at risk. By then, you might be married with kids and I am sure you wouldn't want them to worry for you. Think about how they will feel if anything were to happen to you. Stay healthy for your future sick. Stay healthy for the people you love!
I'm really glad that you want to quit and it's definitely not stupid. I'm really proud of you! I wish you all the best of luck and really, tell me how it goes in a month! I would love to hear your progress!

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