Thursday, 9 July 2015

Heart to Heart: 12 things.

I guess it's probably time for me to sit down and think about the things I'm sorry and thankful for in my 1 year relationship with Donovan. After being with him for a year, I realized that I am indeed not the most perfect person he could be with. Nonetheless, because he still so patient and sweet, it's time for me to start appreciating him for that. 

I'm sorry for falling for you, 
but I'm thankful that you loved me back. 

I'm sorry for pressuring you into quitting smoking, 
but I'm thankful that you did for the sake of us. 

I'm sorry for being so being so sensitive, 
but I'm thankful for your patience. 

I'm sorry for being so hard to be with, 
but I'm thankful you're still here. 

I'm sorry for not being a good girlfriend, 
but I'm thankful you don't fault me for that. 

I'm sorry for always picking a fight with you
but I'm thankful that you always give in. 

I'm sorry for always saying hurtful things, 
but I'm thankful that you don't throw any back. 

I'm sorry for always having high expectations, 
but I'm thankful that you don't stop trying to make me smile. 

I'm sorry for making you sad all the time, 
but I'm thankful that you still think I make you the happiest. 

I'm sorry for bringing my negativity into your life, 
but I'm thankful that you're always assuring me all the time. 

I'm sorry for not supporting you enough, 
but I'm thankful for every way you fought for me. 

And lastly, I'm sorry for being your worst
when you were always my best. 

To be honest, being in a relationship isn't easy. Unlike the novels and cheesy poems you have read, love isn't so sweet and simple all the time. Many times, love can hit you hard. Being together with someone isn't as simple as you think it is. I guess many of us don't realize what committing to someone really means. It isn't just about being together with that person and that person alone. It actually mean sharing your beliefs, values, character and life with that person, and accepting his completely in return.  However, this doesn't mean you have to agree with everything they say, but this do mean you have to be patient with them. And that to me is the hardest part. 

I've got to admit that I'm not the best girlfriend towards Donovan. In fact, I think I'm the worst. Nonetheless, I'm just really glad that I never gave up on us. I know we still have a long way to go, and for us to work out, I know I've got to change. So, here's to me getting myself together and becoming a girlfriend that Donovan deserves. 


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