Sunday, 30 August 2015

30-Days Workout Challenge

Hey guys! Firstly, I want to apologize for the lack of fitness updates. I know I've not been very active on the fitness aspect of my life. In fact, I have many questions about fitness that's piling up on my "", unanswered. Nonetheless, since my exams are now over, I finally have the time to start working out again! 

Just yesterday, I was inspired to start doing the famous 30-day challenge! The reason why I chose to start on a challenge was because I like how the intensity builds up. Rather than jumping straight into an intense workout, I enjoy how the challenge increases in its difficulty everyday. Personally, this is a really good way to kick start your fitness and workout lifestyle if you're new to this and don't know where to start.

As I've been working out for awhile now, I decided to take up 3 challenges concurrently. Yes, it's kinda crazy but I know it's going to be worth it. The 3 challenges I decided to take on are the Arms, Push-up and Butt challenge. 

For those of you who aren't aware, you can actually download these challenges on your Apple or Play store for FREE! Just search "30 Day Pushup" or any 30 day challenge of your choice! In the app itself, you will be able to choose the level of difficulty. There are 3 levels you can choose from; Beginner, Intermediate & Advance. All 3 levels have their own set of workout challenges! 

As my fitness level for the 3 areas vary, I took up different levels for each challenge. For the arms, I took up the Beginner Level 2 challenge. For the push up, Intermediate Level 2. And finally the butt, Intermediate Level 1

Below is a screen shot of the difficulty levels and what I did for Day 1 


I will be posting photos as I go alone the 30 days so do look out for that :-)
 And, I sincerely hope this post motivated you a little to start working out today!  
If you're considering it, stop thinking and join me on this challenge right now!
You ain't going to lose anything sitting down. 

Eat clean. Go beast mode. Train like an angel.


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