Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Movie Review/Thougts: Pixels

P I X E L S 

Despite the bad reviews about the movie, Pixels, D and I decided to give it a watch. 
Well actually D surprised me with the tickets but oh well, you get it.
Okay, back to the movie review.
As the reviews for the movie wasn't the best, D and I went into the cinema with an open mind. We didn't want to expect much and focused on the fact that we were at least spending time together before the much dreaded Final Examinations. 

However, after giving the movie a watch, I got to say it's a pretty funny movie. As far as I can remember, I was laughing quite a lot. And for someone like me, it's a big deal. Why? Simply because I'm so serious and un-crackable 70% of the time. I believe that I'm someone you would classify as "Dao" or that girl who has that "Default fierce face".

As I'm not a gamer, I couldn't recognize much of the "game warriors" that were invading the city. However, I really liked the concept of video games invading the city. I mean, aren't you sick of watching Apes or Zombie invasion movies? If you aren't, I am. Don't get me wrong though, I have no hate towards those movies. In fact, I'm a big fan. I just need change once in awhile! 

According to the reviews, the jokes portrayed in the movie were just unsophisticated wordplay and childish slapstick. Some also viewed the idea of video games invading the World as dumb. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the movie. PS: I was so stoked when Ashley Benson appeared. She's goals.

I doubt anyone would give any care about what I have to say because I ain't a professional movie reviewer. After all, I'm just a 19 year old who likes to express my thoughts. // But for what it's worth, I really admire the courage for change. Being an individual who likes to take risks and be different, I really liked how the movie took a step out there and tried something new. Call me un-realistic but I'm not someone who likes to stay constant. Instead, I believe in turning dreams into reality. And maybe, just maybe, that was the concept the creators of this movie were going for. I wouldn't know for sure but if it was, you can't stop someone for dreaming. Can you? 

And yes, I noticed that I didn't comment about the graphics or the story line. 
But, I'll probably get better in my reviews over time but for now, 
please bear with the immature movie review you just read.


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