Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Many of my readers on Ask.fm have been asking me questions about my Poly life and how I copped with my transition from secondary school to Poly (BA). As such, after many months of delay, I'm finally writing it.


The environment in BA is a competitive one. As you go along, you'll meet all kinds of people. Sometimes, not everyone is as trustworthy as you think they are. Unlike in secondary school, the people you meet in Poly will be less "innocent". As such, you'll really need to know how to differentiate your real friends from acquaintances. I can't say this for certain but, at least 70% of the people in NP BA would have had their trust broken at least once. However, as hurting as it is, I'm pretty sure this is something that everyone has to learn to deal with in life. 


Going for camps in BA is considered a "thing". If you're someone that likes to make friends and have fun, BA will be able to offer you that. In my first year, I attended 6 camps in total, taking away a different experience and lesson from each one. In my second year, I had the privilege and honor of becoming an Exco for BA COMMUNICATIONS. As such, I had the opportunity to plan camps and activities for the student body of BA.

However, if you're not the kind that likes to plan, you can choose not to run for any committee and enjoy your year 2 as a GL (Group Leader) instead. Being a GL definitely has its perks. As a GL, you do not have to worry about the planning of the camp and, you'll be able to have your own group of freshies.

"Pace of Study"

The pace of studying is relatively fast. Unlike in Secondary School, the pace of learning in Poly is as fast as 1 chapter/topic a week, 1 lesson per module each week. #BigChange 

As such, it's really important to do your tutorials and pay attention in lectures. If you don't, you'll find yourself constantly chasing the syllabus and not being able to keep up. Initially, it took me awhile to adjust to the teaching pace. However, as time passed, I got used to the speed.

Make-up Lecture/Tutorials

As much as I love public holidays, it's a pain. Why? Because, having a public holiday fall on a school day on one week just means a busier following week. Having make-up lectures/tutorials is a practice of Ngee Ann. As such, you'll have to reschedule your classes on another day. At times, your rescheduled class can end as late as 6/7pm.

Chasing Deadlines & Submission

I'm not sure how the project workload is like in a typical JC. Nonetheless, as far as I can remember, I've been chasing submission after submission ever since I stepped into Poly. Initially, it was still manageable. However, as I moved on to my second year, the deadlines between projects started to get tighter. (Can't imagine year 3) If you're studying in Ngee Ann Poly's Business School, you need to prepare yourself for a many hectic weeks. It's a norm to have projects for every module. Sometimes, if you're not in luck, you'll get modules with multiple projects. It's crazy how you'll have to balance all the work you have + ensure that quality work is submitted 

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