Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Q1: How would you ask your crush out during vday if your a girl? 
But you don't really want him to know that you like him. You just want to hang out like normal friends. 

Answer: I'll just ask him "What are do you doing this Sunday? Do you want to hangout?" If you're attached or already have a date, you'll probably be looking forward to Sunday. However, if you've no plans, you might not even realize that Valentine's Day is this Sunday! As such, there's no harm trying to ask him out as he might not even realize it until later 😉 But if he does, just go along with it and say you really just wanna chill Either that or say something along those lines of friends can celebrate Valentine's Day too! 😜

Q2: What would be the best gift for two occasions: 
1) A first meeting gift (for my crush) 
2) A last meeting gift (for friends consists of guys and girls)

Answer: 1) I think treating him ice-cream would be cute!
Either ice-cream or something that he likes to eat. 

2) For the last meeting gift, you could consider getting the guys a belt or a cap? 
Depending on the style of the guy. And makeup or nail polish for the girls. That would be sweet.

Q3: What would be the most appropriate confession to a girl during Valentine's Day? 

Answer: I think flowers + a picnic + a romantic dinner. Basically confess face to face. Nonetheless, isn't it kinda boring if you pop the question on Valentine's Day? In my opinion, you should confess your feelings for her on another day. Isn't it more significant that way? Honestly, Valentine's Day is too common a day.

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